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Bully Ray takes a shot at former WCW World Champ David Arquette

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor

Over the weekend, Bully Ray and Silas Young defeated Flip Gordon and Colt Cabana at Ring Of Honor (ROH) "Death Before Dishonor." The finish was a controversial one, and former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette took to Twitter to comment:

"They should really have the ref’s in wrestling be able to reverse calls using instant replay. They mess up a lot of calls"

Arquette won the WCW World Title back in 2000, which was seen as a huge joke to the industry considering he was an actor who's only link to the professional wrestling world was starring in a film based on WCW, "Ready To Rumble." WCW later went out of business and was purchased by WWE. Ray quickly clapped back at Arquette's comments, calling him a disgrace to the WCW World Title:

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"I wish Marty and Doc Brown could go back to 4/25/2000 and reverse the botch of you winning and disgracing the WCW Championship."

Arquette responded, actually agreeing with Ray's comments:

"Tell me about it. I’m with you 100 percent"