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Bully Ray takes shot at WWE over latest Firefly Funhouse segment

Bully Ray took a jab at WWE after the latest Firefly Funhouse segment aired on Monday’s episode of Raw with Bray Wyatt. During the segment, Wyatt smashed Ramblin Rabbit with a giant hammer then tasted his blood and put it in a jar for sale.

Ray saw this segment and brought up how WWE can do this segment yet they won’t allow a character to have “Bully” in the name. Keep in mind that WWE does have an anti-bullying campaign “Be a STAR,” in conjunction with the National Education Association Health Information Network.

Before he decided to depart with the company, he pitched his Bully Ray character that he had created in TNA and was close to showing off the character on WWE television until the idea was nixed.

That’s what he was referring to. You can see his tweet here:

“ps…We cant use the name “Bully” but smashing a rabbits brains out with a Sledge-O-Matic is totally cool.”


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