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Bully Ray Talks Squashing Feud With Randy Orton

WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of Busted Open Radio Bully Ray recently discussed his real life beef with WWE Superstar Randy Orton. Ray discussed the issues between the two on WWE’s original series ‘Ruthless Aggression,’ but he elaborated further on Busted Open this week. Bully was also looking at the ongoing television feud between Orton and the returning Edge.

“There was a lot of animosity that was carried” – Bully Ray

“If anybody saw Ruthless Aggression, like the third episode. You could see there was a mistake that happened in a ring like 20 years ago with me, Devon, Batista and Randy Orton,” Bully began. “There was a lot of animosity that was carried, you know with me and Randy over the years. For one of those nights that was just. You know. A bad day at the office. Everybody got hurt in the ring that night, just because of a mistake, a bad night.”

“this story was made for Orton at this point of his career”

Bully elaborated further, saying “me and Randy, we’re not sending each other Christmas cards for a long time. And then the very first day we saw each other in 2015 when me and the Devon had returned to the WWE; we instantly shook hands, hugged, sat down and talked for five minutes and realised that we had both matured. We both admitted that we overreacted to the situation. So I can tell you from a personal level; this is a different person. And this story [with Edge] was made for Randy Orton at this point of his career.”

Bully finished by saying “I wouldn’t want to see Randy cutting these promos any other time because he wouldn’t be able to have the same type of experience within his head and his heart, that he has now. That’s why you got what you got on RAW. There weren’t any dramatic pauses. There was no canned wrestling promo on RAW. This was Randy going, ‘Beth. Here’s what it is, here’s the who. The what, the when, the where and the why of why I caved in your husband’s head on camera.'”

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