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Bully Ray Talks The ‘Slow Evolution’ of Hangman Page

Co-host of Busted Open Radio Bully Ray recently commented on the success of AEW star ‘Hangman’ Adam Page. Specifically, Ray would talk about how the former Bullet Club member is in the right position on the card and it was the right decision to not make him the first ever AEW Champion.

Hangman Page successfully defended the AEW Tag Team Championship alongside Kenny Omega this past weekend. The duo faced off against fellow Elite stablemates The Young Bucks, producing what many described as not only the match of the night, but also potentially the best in AEW’s short history.

Hangman Page – Standout Star

“Hangman Page was the standout star of that tag team match” Bully began. “Because that’s what the crowd told me. They were into everything that he did. And now you see, remember everybody that was bitching and moaning that [Chris] Jericho went over on Hangman Page to become the first ever AEW champion? Or why are they going with the old guy? Why go in with the old guy? They should be going with the youth, they should be going with Hangman? No, you see now the slow evolution of hangman page, the slow unfolding slow and steady wins the race.”

“Simmer before you boil…”

Ray elaborated further, saying “simmer before your boil. He’s [Hangman Page] getting this fan base up underneath him. They’re chanting ‘cowboy sh*t.’ They like to see him drink his whiskey, and then do those you know flippy Lariat things that he does and all the cool sh*t that he does. They are getting behind him. And then when it is his time, it’s gonna mean that much more.”

“It’s over, you’re dead in the water”

Bully Ray would then reiterate how Hangman Page is in the right position of the crowd right now. “If you would have put that [AEW] Championship on Hangman Page right out of the box, then where does he go? It’s over, you’re dead in the water. You don’t have to be a champion people. You don’t have to have a championship belt around your waist, what you need to be is over. And when you’re over, you don’t need sh*t.”

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