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Bully Ray's chances at getting back in WWE; another TNA star's deal expiring soon

As noted this past week, Bully Ray is done with the company since his contract has expired. Both sides continue to talk so it's possible he could return. Bully's deal expires on September 5th but he doesn't think that a new deal will be signed. He said his goodbyes at the last house show just in case he didn't get to see everyone again.

WWE hasn't expressed interest in Bully in years and when he and Devon were both available to jump they still never made an effort to sign them. One big negative on Bully Ray is that he has detractors from his last run with them. One of his biggest detractors is Randy Orton and his age is a factors. Bully is 43 years old. He also wouldn't get the same freedom to do so much in WWE like he does in TNA. Bully would probably make a good producer behind the scenes but it seems like WWE has all of those positions filled and they are not in a hiring period.

Devon is on a short term contract that expires in a couple of months.

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