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Bully Ray's role in TNA costs him a shot at making a WWE appearance

I guess there was some bad timing involved here because there was some interest from WWE in Bully Ray at one point. For those that don't know, Bully has been opening talking about wanting another run in WWE. He recently returned to TNA as the new authority figure but my guess is that he could jump to WWE if they came calling. It says a lot about the state of TNA that he is still talking about wanting to go back to WWE even though he is being put in a prominent role on TNA television.

Anyway, a source told Dave Meltzer that Bully Ray was going to be used for a one-shot surprise on the NXT show in Philadelphia. I believe that was for the show that took place in May. However, WWE lost interest once they saw that Bully had showed up for an Impact Wrestling show as a referee. The special appearance went to Tommy Dreamer instead.

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