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Bushwhacker Butch health issues, why Madusa is going in the HOF, Nash, Zbyszko, more

As noted on Monday, WWE announced that The Bushwhackers are going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Butch Miller has been in poor health in recent years and that explains why he hasn’t done much in pro wrestling in the last few years. His last major wrestling appearance was in 2001 during the gimmick battle royal at WrestleMania 17. I know he was dealing with a really bad staph infection and had lost a lot of weight but that was back in 2004. At one point he was down to 140 pounds.

Madusa is going in the Hall of Fame because the company has a quota to make sure they have at least one woman each year. When WCW folded the feeling was at the time, because of the incident when she tossed the WWF Women’s title in the trash on Monday Nitro, that there was no way she was going to the WWF.

The rumors (pretty much confirmed) about Kevin Nash going into the WWE Hall of Fame started when Nash told TMZ, around the time of his arrest in December, that he was going into the Hall of Fame.

The Wrestling Observer newsletter reports that Larry Zbyszko may be saved for a Northeastern WrestleMania. If that is the case then it would seem that 2017 would be more likely since Philadelphia is one of the cities that is expected to bid for the show on that year. As noted earlier, Minnesota and Orlando are expected to put in bids as well. Minnesota would be a good fit since Zbyszko wrestled in that area for years for Verne Gagne in the AWA.

Zbyszko and WWE have not been on the best of terms until recently. In the latest Observer newsletter, Dave Meltzer talked about the issues with Zbyszko and Vincent J. McMahon from 1980. Zbyszko pretty much held them up for money after learning that Bruno Sammartino earned $28,800 for their match at Shea Stadium in New York. Zbyszko earned $24,000. Those were the two largest payoffs in company history up to that point but Zbyszko, who was super hot at the time as a heel, was not used quickly after that match. He and Triple H have mended fences and Zbyszko has been a regular at the NXT tapings.

We heard today that Ray Stevens may be saved for another year as well.

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