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Butch, formerly known as Pete Dunne, is one of the better technical wrestlers on WWE’s current roster and is well respected for his in-ring abilities.

While speaking with Louis Dangoor of GiveMeSport, Butch gave his list of wrestlers he would put on Mount Rushmore. This is an opinionated question as people have different answers to the Mount Rushmore question of listing their top 4 all-time wrestlers.

Butch explained his list because he took a different direction. It doesn’t have the typical names such as Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and Ric Flair. Instead, it’s a personal list.

He has Triple H, Shawn Michaels, AJ Styles, and William Regal.

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Butch noted that he has to have Triple H and Michaels on the list due to everything they did for him. He has Regal on there because of his advice and help. With Styles, he explained that tyles was a favorite of his growing up. 

Butch was called up to the main roster earlier this year, where he aligned with Sheamus and Ridge Holland in a faction on SmackDown.