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Cain Velasquez on his WWE future after Crown Jewel, in-ring style

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion turned WWE star Cain Velasquez recently spoke with The New York Post to promote his WWE in-ring debut. 

He’ll do so when he takes on WWE Champion Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. It’s been reported that he’s signed a multi-year, lucrative deal with WWE. 

In this interview, Cain noted that he’s working on taking his time more in the ring and that he’ll use some MMA moves in his matches while getting used to working the WWE style. 

“I think in the future for me when I get a little more comfortable with this is to incorporate everything, everything that you can do in combat sports, the MMA, the WWE style of wrestling and also adding the lucha in there as well,” said Velasquez.

When it comes to his future, Cain stated that he hasn’t given much thought to what his role in WWE will be after this match. 

Although winning the WWE Title would change things for him, he has the “wait-and-see approach” right now when it comes if he will remain a special attraction or a regular Superstar on TV.

“I think the more I get comfortable with this, the more you’ll see me,” said Velasquez.


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