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Cain Velasquez on how long he will be in WWE, Conor McGregor in WWE, his issues with Brock Lesnar and more


We are one week away from WWE Crown Jewel where Cain Velasquez will make his WWE in-ring debut against WWE Champion Lesnar.We caught up with Velasquez and Rey Mysterio in New York City.

Mysterio praised Velasquez for his discipline during his training for his match with Lesnar.

"He's doing awesome," Mysterio said. "He's disciplined. He's the first guy in the gym and the last one to leave. He's just a natural. There's nothing that I can teach him that he doesn't already know. I'm just kind of guiding him as much as I can. Cain is gonna do awesome. Another scar is on Brock's face."

Velasquez put over the wrestlers in WWE as being amazing athletes. He said he gets to integrate some of the things she learned while in MMA.

On his feud with Brock Lesnar, Velasquez said, "It's personal. Him going in and hurting Rey and going in and start hurting his son Dominik, forget that. It's personal, I'm going in there to beat his ass."

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Mysterio said that despite his injury, he is feeling good but Lesnar crossed some boundaries by attacking Dominik. Rey also gave his thoughts on Tyson Fury, who sill step in the ring against Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel.

Velasquez said he's ready to take care of business against Lesnar but he's new to the wrestling so there's only room to get better. He also revealed the length of his WWE contract. It was previously reported that he signed a multi-year deal. Velasquez says it's for 3 years so he's not going anywhere else anytime soon.

"Yeah, I'll be here for the next three years, for sure," Velasquez said about the length of his WWE contract. "As I get better and better, I'm gonna keep doing this. I love it. I'm gonna keep doing it."

Velasquez also gave his thoughts on Conor McGregor potentially making the jump to WWE at some point. "Conor McGregor, he's an amazing athlete. He's amazing at what he does for the sport, even when he's not fighting [with] his promos and everything."

Velasquez and McGregor would be great for WWE because he's a showman and a great athlete. Check out the interview with Velasquez and Mysterio below.