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Cameron (Ariane Andrew) would like to return to WWE

Former WWE Superstar Cameron (Ariane Andrew) was interviewed for Icon Magazine. She is also on the cover of the magazine. WWE was among several topics discussed and she said that she would be interested in returning to the company.

“As far as I am concerned WWE and I parted on good terms,” she said. “I have no ill will towards anybody there. I am grateful for my time as a WWE talent. I appreciate all of the love and the hate I have received over the years from the WWE Universe. No matter what was said about me I appreciate their candor and their passion for the business.“

She added, “I would definitely love to come back in the future to show the WWE Universe my full potential. I like to say this isn’t goodbye but more like see you later. There will forever be a chip on my shoulder. Maybe one day I will be able to prove myself to the WWE Universe.”

Last week, she posted a video on her YouTube channel where she talked about her release from the company. She noted that she still does not know exactly why she was let go but it could have been from things she said on social media. She also said that she wrote a long goodbye letter to Vince McMahon, Triple H, and Mark Carrano. You can see her talk about her release by clicking here.

Extra TV covered the photoshoot for Icon Magazine.


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