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Cameron Grimes responds to Virgil’s request to be his manager

WWE is currently doing a storyline with Cameron Grimes where he’s portrayed to be rich due to him buying cheap GameStop stock and then buying it when it was at its all-time high.

On Wednesday’s episode of NXT, WWE did various segments with Grimes including one where he watched an old clip of Ted DiBiase embarrassing a young child, who had to bounce a basketball several times and would get money from the WWE Hall of Famer if he was able to do so.

DiBiase kicked the ball so the kid couldn’t win and get the money. When Grimes had former WNBA player Anriel Howard do it on NXT, the person achieved bouncing the ball 10 times. Thus, Grimes lost his money because he didn’t see how DiBiase cheated.

Later on, Grimes got outsmarted again and then finally just decided to punch someone in the face.

Virgil, who was the former bodyguard of DiBiase back in the day, took to Twitter to express his interest in managing Grimes just like he had been at the side of DiBiase.

Virgil wrote, “The newest hottest combo since the pasta and salad at OG @CGrimesWWE.”

Grimes responded with, “Sorry @TheRealVirgil but you can blame that no good @MDMTedDiBiase for not getting any of my cheddar! #KissMyGRITS.”


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