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Canada not getting the network for free, Ross talks WWE Network, WWE debut this week

For those that have asked, the WWE Network free trial does not include Canada. It is only for the online version of the network, not the version that airs on Rogers Cable.’

Jim Ross wrote the following on his website about the network and how they can increase their subscriptions:

“Big week for WWE with their quarterly conference call discussing their financials for the quarter. Disappointing number on the total number of subscriptions but with the UK coming aboard that should help their cause. This matter of the WWE Network can be analyzed in a variety of ways but the bottom line is that the WWE core product isn’t ‘hot’ and when a brand isn’t hot it’s difficult to sell spin off products of the brand such as subscribing to their digital network. WWE Creative must do a better job of heating up the WWE TV shows, allow new, fresh, young talents to take on bigger roles and introduced new talents with a systematic plan to bring them in with fanfare and instant credibility.”

He also said something similar on his podcast this week. You can check out his latest podcast with ProWrestling.NET’s Jason Powell below.

Prince Devitt (now known as Finn Balor) will make his in ring debut on NXT this coming Wednesday.

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