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Carmella addresses rumors on dating John Cena, Corey Graves’ divorce, implants and more

WWE has launched a new digital series called “If It’s On The Internet,” where wrestlers can confirm or debunk rumors that have circulated online.

On rumors that she dated John Cena: “That is so far from the truth. I barely know John Cena. Because we both live in Tampa, people thought that we were dating? Yea, that’s completely fabricated.”

Carmella caused Corey Graves’ divorce: “That is so far from the truth. I would never in a million years do that. When we first started dating, he was already going through the process of divorce.”

Carmella has had plastic surgery: “That’s true, I’ve had breast implants. My favorite part is people think I’ve had plastic surgery on my face, which is completely false.” She added, “I’ve never had plastic surgery on my face.”

She also addressed rumors that WWE officials were unhappy with her work in 2018, that she allegedly stole some of her act from Michael Hayes, her background as a Laker girl, her application for Tough Enough in 2013, idolizing Miss Elizabeth, why she was moved to SmackDown, a real-life rivalry with Mandy Rose and more.

Click below to hear her confirm and debunk the rumors.

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