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Carmella admits that she has to carry her Money in the Bank briefcase everywhere she goes

In a time where kayfabe is waning in the sport of professional wrestling, sometimes things occur that keeps it alive. This surely applies to current SmackDown Live Money in the Bank briefcase holder Carmella.

The self-proclaimed “Princess of Staten Island” was interviewed by Sun Sport, and she talked about how honored she is to make history in not only being a part of the first ever women’s Money in the Bank match, but winning it. She added that her name is “forever etched in history” for the achievement.

Carmella then shared how she has to carry the briefcase around wherever she goes. “I have to carry it everywhere I go. When we fly I only get to have one carry on and one personal item. Sometimes I just have one little bag and my briefcase.”

She also explained how a person actually thought she was a banker while carrying her briefcase.

“A few weeks ago I was at baggage claim and a man asked me if I was in the banking business. I was like ‘Really? You think I’m going to be carrying around a briefcase with money in the bank written on it with money in it?”

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