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Carmella claps back at social media critics, Fit Finlay comments

Recently, Carmella got into a bit of an exchange with some online critics. One fan suggested that she has gone “downhill” since dropping the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship, instead turning into R-Truth’s “cheerleader”:

“Gone from women’s champion to R Truths cheer leader. Damn…”

Carmella responded by saying she’s nobody’s cheerleader, and is having more fun on WWE TV now than ever:

“1. I’m not anyone’s cheerleader, I’m not in NXT anymore. 2. I get to dance during every match now. 3. Most importantly, I get to spread joy and make lasting memories for these little fans. And for that, I’d much rather be in the position I am now. 4. Damn, Sam. Mind ya business.”

“Lol, Downhill? Where? How? As much as I would like to be champion forever, that’s not how this works. I’m having more fun than ever! Soooo, focus on your chin ups and leave me alone… capisce??”

Even WWE producer Fit Finlay chimed in, throwing his support behind the SmackDown Live star:

“The wonderful wisdom of armchair athletes.”

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