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Carmella has an interesting question for her doubters



Carmella was brought up to the WWE main roster after having just a little chance to find herself apart from Enzo Amore and Big Cass after the three were separated in NXT upon The Realest Guys In The Room's own call-up. But a lot of people questioned the potential Carmella had to make it on her own. It might have taken a moment for Mella to get adjusted but once they were able to figure out how to use her on television it's been a great time for her fans everytime she has a chance to shine.

When Carmella first won the SmackDown Women's Championship some people said she would be a "transitional champion" meaning someone who is just essentially a championship placeholder until someone else can take the title that the company has their eye on.

But it looks like Carmella is out to prove all of her doubters wrong as she carried her championship into the Allstate Arena in Chicago and walked out as the champion too.

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Only time will tell how long Mella is able to hold onto her title but with James Ellsworth by her side once again to help provide an amazing distraction and a dose of assistance, she could be on her way to proving herself on another level.

Carmella posted the question, "what is a transitional champion" as a way to not only put herself over but also throw a little dig in there aimed at her haters. It looks like after Money In The Bank's successful title defense against Asuka, The Crowned Princess Of SmackDown Live might have proven some people wrong.