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Carmella names her best friend in WWE, who is her ideal tag team partner?



Former SmackDown Live Women's Champion Carmella participated in a media day prior to SummerSlam over the weekend. The WWE star did a roundtable for the European market and answered several questions. You can check out a few highlights below:

Who is her best friend in WWE:

"Bayley's my best friend," Carmella said. "For sure, yeah. We've been friends since NXT and um - it sucks cause she's on Raw and I'm on SmackDown but we still talk every single day and she's one of my really good friends."

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Who is her ideal tag team partner out of all current WWE Superstars and past Legends:

"If I could have any tag team partner, I would pick Big E. Because we were partners for the Mixed Match Challenge and we had so much fun, and I love pancakes, and he's just the best. And I love The new Day - so I would pick Big E."