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Carmella reveals best advice she’s received from Kurt Angle

Carmella Kurt Angle

Carmella had an interesting road to get where she is today under the WWE banner. She started out in NXT as a manger to the team featuring Enzo Amore, and Big Cass then found her way to being a singles competitor and later called up to the main roster. She would then transition to being a champion on WWE’s blue brand as she won the SmackDown Women’s Title.

Despite her success, just like everyone in life, she kept evolving and learning about how to become better at her craft. Part of that was some advice that she received from a WWE Legend.

While doing an interview with Metro UK, the SmackDown star reflected on how she took the words from Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame speech to heart and how it benefited her.

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“Something I took away from Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame speech was never afraid to make a fool of yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously. I really let that sink in and ran with it. In my career, I’ve had several different paths, and character turns. I was a manager in NXT, then I was the last draft pick and then with James Ellsworth as a champion. I feel it’s important to show different sides of my character and I never take myself too seriously.

I’ll never be like ‘oh that’s too silly for me’ or ‘Carmella’s too cool for that’. Any opportunity I get I want to make the most of it and I’m not afraid to look like an idiot.”