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Carmella says The Miz is a mentor to her



Chris Van Vliet welcomed Corey Graves and Carmella as his guests to talk about their reality show that premieres today on WWE's YouTube channel.

Corey & Carmella was asked who their mentors were professionally:

Carmella said, “For me, I would say The Miz. Whenever I have an issue or a problem creatively, or my character, or something going on in a match, I go to him. If I could be a female Miz, that to me would be such an amazing accomplishment. They trust The Miz,they put him in any position, and he’s going to shine. He’s not afraid to lean into his role as a bad guy and I consider that the same with myself. I really lean into my role. Anytime that I have a problem or issue, I go to him and he’s going to be honest. Sometimes it’s brutally honest, but he helps me out.”

Corey said, ‘It’s really crazy that time has now passed as a broadcaster that it has overtaken my wrestling career. I’ve had so many people along the way help me, and I wouldn’t be in the position that I’m in if it weren’t for a litany of guys. Going back to Tom Phillips when we were in NXT together, he taught me a lot.”

“Michael Cole has been instrumental in most of my success. It was actually after I first got injured that I had a conversation in New Orleans with Michael Cole. I mentioned to him that I had done some local radio, and he went ‘Hmm, maybe you should give broadcasting a try.’ That was how this all came to be, just that basic conversation. After a few months out of the ring, he said to give it a shot, and it didn’t happen overnight. I spent countless hours in the Performance Center in our little booth trying to learn how to call matches.”

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“But I like to think that I’ve learned from everybody along the way from different broadcasters, whether they are intending to teach me different things or not. If I’m learning something negative, I can utilize it and put in my toolkit to where I’m confident that I can now step into a role like a Michael Cole. I obviously can’t fill Michael Cole’s shoes because he’s one of the greatest play-by-play guys in history. But I have learned enough from him and absorbed it by osmosis that I can at least prevent the ship from hitting the iceberg.”

“Along the way, I think I lose track of some of the amazing minds that I’m privy to on a weekly basis without even realizing it. I get to learn from Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon, sometimes in the middle of a show or in the middle of a match, will go on a two minute diatribe of why I have done something wrong, what he liked, or what he wants to accomplish. But in the moment, it is easy to forget that you are getting advice from the guy who is responsible for all of this. I would like to think that everybody I have worked with from this side of the microphone has taught me something because this was never my goal. I’ve had to learn, and I think that has kind of lent itself to my success.”

Corey on whether or not he is cleared to perform in the ring:

“It is factual. The news took about eight months to break, which I’m sort of proud of and surprised of in this day and age. I wasn’t hiding it from anybody, but it wasn’t something that I was bringing to the forefront. I didn’t want everybody to go, ‘Oh my God, Graves is making a comeback.’ I love what I’m doing now, but there is a part of me that would love that gratification. I’m a guy who when I was wrestling, I was mainly a villain. To me, the gratification came as soon as the bell rang at the end of the match. To me, there’s nothing more satisfying than taking the crowd on a rollercoaster ride and then losing. As a good guy, you usually pose and you have to pose for the cameras. But I would lay there on my back after the ref counted three, I would look at the lights, and just think that we did it. That was what kept me going was that exhale at the end of it. So there’s part of me that is going to chase that forever, and I would be open to it if the opportunity presents itself to maybe step back into the ring once in a blue moon, or maybe just once.”

Also during this interview, Corey and Carmella talked about their biggest pet peeves about each other as a couple, why their reality show can be compared to The Attitude Era, the best advice they have received in life, and more.

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