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Carmella’s reaction to Big Cass’ attack on Enzo Amore

If you are one of those people who bought every piece of Enzo and Big Cass merch then last night probably seemed like it was a bad dream. But it was real, it was very real. WWE finally pulled the trigger and broke up the team of Enzo Amore and Colon Cassady.

It was revealed by Kurt Angle with the assistance of gumshoe Corey Graves after weeks of tireless detective work that Big Cass was the one jumping Enzo backstage and he faked his own attack.

When asked why he did it, Big Cass went into an entire rant toward Enzo about nobody liking him backstage and how Amore always kept him down. Big Cass said he only hung out with Enzo because he felt sorry for him. He blamed Enzo for the reason that he’s never picked up a WWE Championship before. Enzo and Big Cass came close to snagging tag team gold in the past but have never been able to pull down a win, even in NXT.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Enzo finds a few more tag team partners throughout the rest of his career and eventually breaks Edge’s record for most tag tam championship titles held? Enzo only needs twelve reigns to tie The Rated-R Superstar.

Big Cass’ legit girlfriend Carmella is currently going through her own character’s defining moment over on SmackDown Live as she enjoys being the first Miss Money In The Bank. She weighed in on what Big Cass had to say and kept it totally kayfabe. It looks like Big Cass and Carmella are on the same side again but who knows where Enzo will wind up?

When one fan asked The Princess Of Staten Island whether or not she was dating James Ellsworth, Carmella had a very short reply to clear things up. She isn’t dating the Chinless Wonder. Even though their relation has never made it to a main roster story line, Carm and Cass are still very much still an item.

Now with both of them on the heel side of the roster all we need is another Superstar Shake-Up or Draft situation to put them on the same show and these two could make a hated heel duo for sure. With Enzo out of the way that is looking more like a possibility than ever.

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