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Cash Wheeler recalls meeting with Vince McMahon after he punched Bret Hart’s attacker at HOF ceremony

FTR (formerly known as The Revival) made an appearance on Friday’s episode of Jim Cornette’s podcast. During the interview, Cash Wheeler, formerly known as Dash Wilder, was asked about punching Bret Hart’s attacker at the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

Of course, the incident happened when Hart was making a speech alongside Natalya as part of the induction for The Hart Foundation (Hart and Jim Neidhart)

The fan crashed the ring and tried to tackle Hart. This led to several WWE stars going after the fan. During it, Wheeler, who is a big Bret Hart fan, punched the attacker.

Cash started out by talking about how he spoke with their lawyer about what they can and can’t say on the podcast. He recalled how there were no security guards around aside from several WWE stars such as Shane McMahon.

“The dude’s hand they’re not restrained. He’s still threatening everybody like ‘let me go let me go’ I won’t go into too much detail. But….his hands were free. He’s still making threats, he’s obviously not mentally stable at this point in time. We just did what we had to do to neutralize the situation.”

He stated that he wasn’t going to let anybody take the risk of thinking the guy was bluffing that he’s not gonna hurt anybody. He noted that the fan had already shown that he’s gonna he’s going to attack people and do some stupid things. “None of us are willing to take that risk of saying we hope he’s lying.”

This led to him having a meeting with Vince McMahon.

“I did have a meeting with Vince McMahon and I did have to show him the video from multiple angles so he could see that the guy wasn’t restrained. There were no cuffs, no cops, no security, just the boys, and a mentally unstable guy whose hands are not being restrained at all. As soon as he saw the video and I told him kind of like what the guy had been saying, everything changed.

He wasn’t mad to begin with, he was just worried. Once he saw the video, once he saw the guy was not restrained, he was still a threat and that was the case, he was like, ‘that’s completely justified, that’s self-defense, you guys had to do what you had to do in a blink of an eye to make sure no one else got hurt.”

Cash added that McMahon understood the chaos of the situation and why Cash did what he did instead of not doing anything and hope for the best.

You can listen to the entire clip by clicking on the player below:


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