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Cause of death revealed for Bruno Sammartino



The cause of death for Bruno Sammartino was revealed in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The 82-year-old passed away due to multiple organ failure due to heart issues. The heart issues dated back to when he was 12 when it was damaged when he got rheumatic fever.

People with his heart issues are not expected to live past 60 years old but his dedication to training got his heart healthy enough to compensate for the damaged part and he may have added years to his life.

Sammartino found out a few years ago that one of his valves weren't functioning well and he started to get a gut because of the fluid buildup in his abdomen. In recent years, he was having issues with his legs because of the damage he did to his body during his wrestling days in the 60's, 70's and 80's.

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Very few people were aware of his condition because he was never the kind of person to complain. That's why it was such a shock to hear that he had been hospitalized for a couple of months before he passed away last week.

There is an incredible biography of Sammartino in the Wrestling Observer newsletter. Part 1 is in last week's issue and part 2 is up now.