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Cedric Alexander apologizes for old tweets about rape

Cedric Alexander has issued an apology for old tweets that were uncovered on Twitter. Alexander’s statement/apology comes after Tye Dillinger issued an apology for something he said years ago.

You can read Dillinger’s apology and the old tweets by clicking here.

Alexander wrote:

“Six years ago I found “humor” in bad jokes. At the time it was a harmless joke between friends. In those 6 years I’ve become a father, husband & grown into a much different man. I have offended and hurt many with my past and for that I am deeply sorry & apologize for my actions”

I think the lesson here is to be careful what you say on social media and rape is not something to joke about. I have no doubt that the tweets from Dillinger and Alexander were bad attempts at jokes. The other lesson, especially for aspiring WWE Superstars, is to scrub your entire social media history if you think there is even a remote chance that something could come back to bite you.

Alexander has deleted all of his tweets made prior to July 31st.

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