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Cedric Alexander comments on WWE not always having plans for cruiserweights



Vince McMahon made the WWE a worldwide brand off the backs of big wrestlers and pushed the bigger wrestlers more than smaller wrestlers.

While not everyone on the current WWE roster is as big as in years past, there is a certain look that the WWE Chairman likes and gets behind. Just look at their current champions such as Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns.

Since bringing back the cruiserweight division a few years ago, a certain group of wrestlers has not been the main focus of McMahon. This is something that Cedric Alexander discussed in an interview with TalkSport.

He did so when he was asked about the problems that WWE have had writing for cruiserweights on the main roster.

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“Yes, sometimes that’s a thing [not having plans for cruiserweights]. It goes back to the perception ‘oh, you’re a cruiserweight. You’re not that big so you won’t do that well.’

That’s a perception a lot of people have when in actuality, I’m currently about 210lbs. I’m just as big as a good portion of the guys on the roster – not the giants obviously! – but I’m not a small man. A 210lb man is not a small individual.

You gotta understand that just because you’re in that weight range doesn’t mean you can’t hurt somebody pretty bad. Jon Jones has been 205lbs! He’s a monster!”

Alexander stated that for him, your weight means nothing, but did admit that it’s a perception people have that means you can’t do it. He brought up Rey Mysterio and Alexander considers him to be one of the greatest of all-time.

“It’s just a perception we need to relax and say if you're great, you’re great. Daniel Bryan is a prime example that size means nothing.”

Alexander also talked about his goals in WWE, who deserves to be used more on WWE TV, Dominik Mysterio’s rise, and more. Check out the full interview here.