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Cena challenges an actress, Current photos of Simon Dean, Monday Nitro, and more

WWE has a "Where Are They Now?" feature up on former WWE star Simon Dean. You may also remember him from his run as Nova in the original ECW. You can read the feature by clicking here.

WWE will start some of the promotion locally in the San Jose area for WrestleMania. The promotion will start during SummerSlam weekend. They will be pushing ticket sales at the house show on the night before SummerSlam.

The Monday Nitro episodes that everyone has been asking about are about to start airing soon on the WWE Network. WWE currently has all Monday Night Raw episodes up through July 1995. The plan is to launch Nitro in sync to air alongside the Raw shows. Nitro should start airing either later this month or early September.

John Cena issued a thumb wrestling challenge to actress Aisha Tyler. You can view the video below.

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