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Cesaro explains why he likes to separate his personal and public life

Renee Paquette welcomed WWE star Cesaro to the “Oral Sessions” podcast this week. He was on to talk about his upcoming WrestleMania match with Seth Rollins, learning to yodel, dad jokes, and more.

Cesaro explained why he likes to separate his personal life from his public life:

“There’s a saying, ‘No amount of money ever bought a second of time.’ I feel like that’s very fitting even in our lives.  Last year, everybody was home more, but you also realized you had a lot more time with the people you spend time with at home.  But, when we were on the road five or six days a week, we just wanted to be home sometimes. No amount of money that you make can buy you time at home.  For example, with Brodie (Lee) passing, we sat together on the trip to Saudi Arabia and we had a blast.

We had these great talks and great conversations that I will forever cherish, and you don’t realize it until after something terrible happens like, what amount of money you would pay to get a second back? The two things you will never get back are time and or privacy.  To me, that’s private.  You don’t talk about certain things and I chose this profession that puts me in the public light.  None of the people I share my life with, whether they are family or friends, they didn’t choose that.  For them to get harassed or whatever, you see that online or whatever, it’s like, they didn’t sign up for that.  So, what’s private is private.  There needs to be that air of mystery.  Jon (Moxley) is the master at that.  There’s just something about that, that I feel is important, especially nowadays when people are giving away everything of their private life and sharing it, certain things that are none of my business.”

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