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Cesaro expressed unhappiness in WWE, Vince McMahon was never going to give him a big push



Cesaro's exit from WWE is not a total surprise and it may have had to do with more than money.

Vince McMahon was never on board with pushing him as a top guy and the feeling was that he was just a "good hand" but not someone who could be seen as a main eventer.

When McMahon appeared on Stone Cold's Broken Skull Sessions in 2015, he stated that he did not see Cesaro as a big draw. Dave Meltzer also reported a few years back that McMahon felt that Cesaro was boring.

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Cesaro also appeared to express unhappiness with his spot in the company when he liked some tweets from fans expressing disappointment that the company could not find something for him to do at this year's Royal Rumble show.

Since his contract with WWE expired, there is no non-compete in place and he would be free to work elsewhere as soon as he wants. That could include Impact Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and All Elite Wrestling. In theory, he could show up on AEW Dynamite as soon as next Wednesday or the next Impact TV tapings if he chooses to go there.