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Chael Sonnen comes clean on his drug use and says WWE doesn't want him

Chael Sonnen came clean on Chris Jericho's podcast and talked about his drug test failures. He basically said that he didn't think he'd be tested and he tried to "game" the system and didn't think he'd get caught and he took what he took because he knew that it would make him feel better.

He said that he wants to try out for the Olympics and knows that he won't make the team for his age but would like to make top 5 in the trials. He claimed that he was contacted by the commission before his fight with Metamoris. He told them that he wasn't fighting and it was just a grappling match. He said that after that they didn't contact him anymore.

Chael said that he got a call from WWE and they said that they would love to have him if he was 24 years old but at his age (37) they don't want him. The person that called him supposedly told him to talk with TNA because if TNA offers him a deal then WWE might be interested.

You can listen to the podcast below.

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