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Chael Sonnen says his friend CM Punk will not be the favorite to win his first fight

Chael Sonnen, who is a friend of CM Punk, was interviewed by He talked about CM Punk's signing with UFC.

“Every few years [Dana White] will do something and give a chance to do something that is more based around fun than anything else … Every so often somebody’s lucky number comes up and they do something that is more based on fun. I think that is pretty clearly what is happening here … You have to understand the guys that are doing this, myself included, we are [training] twice a day, every day, since we are nine years old. This is a guy who is 36 and I think he is still picking the gym he is going to.”

Sonnen also said that he knows who will likely be Punk's first opponent in the Octagon and thinks that it's the wrong move for UFC.

“I can tell you this, it doesn’t make any sense to put him against an older guy or an unknown guy. For the money that you got to pay him and the attention that is going to bring, he is likely to lose … You can’t pay Punk the numbers you are paying him and then try and let it coast. You just can’t do it. I think you stick him on a pay-per-view and you have some fun with it and you let him have some fun with it.

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Sonnen won't give it away but he says that Punk's opponent won't be a bottom tier guy.

“You will know who he is and he will be a pretty-heavy favorite to win. Punk is not going to come in as the favorite.”