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Character killed off, Bray Wyatt gives clues for next week’s Firefly Fun House

This week’s episode of Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House took a very dark turn when a character was killed off.

Mercy The Buzzard ate Rambling Rabbit because, as he put it, the rabbit was forcing him to adhere to his bohemian world view and ideologies. Mercy also used the “you know what I mean?” catchphrase that Waylon Mercy used to say in the mid-90s.

Wyatt forgave Mercy and that led to “picnic time” with kids who did not look happy to be there.

There are some obvious throwbacks to the Waylon Mercy character during these segments including the “Picnic” segment that aired on WWE TV in June 1995.

Here is the Waylon Mercy picnic segment:

After this week’s Firefly Fun House segment, Wyatt dropped some clues on Twitter for the game he asked everyone to play. Wyatt said a secret message is formed from 8 of his 2015 promos.

Here are the clues he posted on Twitter:

For those of you that missed it, here is this week’s Firefly Fun House segment:


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