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Character makeover coming for another WWE Raw Superstar?



It looks like Bray Wyatt is not the only WWE Superstar getting a character makeover.

Nikki Cross it the newest member of the Raw roster but she hasn't been featured on the show in many weeks and there's been no word from her since before the Superstar Shake-Up. She has been wrestling on WWE Main Event and non-televised shows.

Cross noted that she lost her recent match on Main Event. She wondered, "is there something I need to change here? That I need to change? What needs to change?"

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Cross added, "Why am I always talking in the dark? Maybe it's time to step out of the dark and take a long good hard look in the mirror."

If she is getting a character makeover then time timing sure is interesting because some fans believe that she will end up as part of the storyline with Bray Wyatt. She would be a good fit as Sister Abigail if WWE chooses to put someone in that role.

Check out the promo from Cross by clicking below: