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Charlotte Flair says the WWE Raw angle with her dad and Lacey Evans did not make sense



Charlotte Flair was interviewed this week on the Notsam Wrestling podcast. Charlotte was on to talk about her recent storyline with her dad and Lacey Evans, her plans for WrestleMania, her feud with Rhea Ripley last year at WrestleMania, and more.

Here's a couple of highlights from the interview:

Charlotte talking about her angle with Ric Flair and Lacey Evans: 

“It’s definitely not where I thought my 2021 was going to be, but I've got a lot of positive feedback about Monday’s promo segment….Where it goes, I don’t know. Obviously, there’s going to be a different direction now because my stepmom can’t wrestle me (she laughs)...I thought him and Lacey worked well together. I understood it. I got it. I think my biggest struggle was, well, I’m the daughter of the dirtiest player in the game. Why can’t I be the dirtiest player in the game? How or why would I fall for his antics if I’ve already been on camera with him and he was my manager, and that was tremendous. I grew as a performer. It took me to the next level, but, why am I not the dirtiest player in the game? I was throwing a fit, like, I don’t understand. I can’t fall for this. It doesn’t make sense. But, I think whatever emotions that were coming through on screen, whether it be frustrated or angry, the promo on Monday definitely brought out a different side to me, the last couple weeks. I think that did exactly what it was supposed to.”

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Charlotte said she puts pressure on herself because she is the daughter of Ric Flair:

“I wear my heart on my sleeve. That’s the one thing I’ve never been able to do with my character, because I like babyface promos and that’s the one thing I told myself I need to get better at is promos. I want to get better. Sometimes I felt when I was trying to connect with the audience as a babyface, I thought, man, they probably just think I’m whining because they don’t understand where I’m coming from. They don’t understand the pressure I put on myself. They don’t understand what it’s like to be Ric’s kid. They don’t understand what it encompasses. I also want to say that nobody puts more pressure on me than I do. I don’t need anyone else to criticize me. I criticize myself enough. It’s like a perfect opportunity to go, ok, people can empathize with an argument with your parents saying, ‘Let me do this on my own.’ I actually felt like I was already past that where people go, ‘Well she’s past just being Ric’s kid’, because of everything I’ve accomplished, but apparently, it was a different twist. I tried to explain this to my dad. Even on live events and telling him how relevant he is. This was a year or two ago. Even before live events, they have this incredible package of my dad before. Here we are in 2021 and the arena is wooing before the show. I never want it to go away, but I think it's very hard to articulate that amount of pressure to people in babyface promos.”

Bianca Belair was also on the show. She talked about what Sam said about her a couple of years ago at a TakeOver show, this year's Royal Rumble, picking Sasha Banks at WrestleMania, and more.

Bianca Belair talking about performing in WWE:

“I’ve been an athlete my whole life. That’s just a part of who I am. I’ve played every sport in the book since the age of 5 and so I feel like a lot of things naturally come to me very easily when it comes to the physical aspect of wrestling. I think the very first month I was at The Performance Center, I was like, ‘Can I try and do a 450?’ My coach said, ‘You’ve never wrestled before. How do you know how to do a 450?’ I said, ‘You just get up there, you do a front tuck and fold your feet under you.’ That part came to me easily, but I had the realization that wrestling is way more than just getting in the ring and doing moves and getting in there and showing your athleticism. I learned very quickly that it’s so much about your mentality. It’s so much about perspective. If something goes on behind the scenes and keeping your perspective in check and focusing on things you can control. It’s not just about your physical capabilities. It’s actually about performing. The performing part and entertaining part of WWE, to me, didn’t come as easily as the physical side. It’s about the crowd, and the reaction with the crowd, and the cameras. You're in there with fans and knowing how to perform in front of fans, but also knowing there are thousands of people behind the camera that are watching you.”

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