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Charly Caruso addresses if she's leaving WWE

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Charly Caruso is quickly becoming an extremely popular backstage face in WWE. Her interview skills and ability to show her personality on the microphone during those segments really takes a considerable amount of skill. Caruso is also in incredibly great shape which is something she takes very seriously as well.

Caruso recently celebrated a personal accomplishment when she became an officially licensed personal trainer. Charly was quick to let fans know she had no intention of leaving WWE, but it's nice to see she has a backup plan just in case her road leads her away from Vince McMahon and Company.

If you follow Charly Caruso on social media then you're well aware how seriously she takes her workouts and now it looks like some lucky people will get the chance to receive some personal tips from her.

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One advantage of having a personal trainer who is also a skilled interviewer is the fact she'll ask you questions while you workout which could really help someone stay focused if you think about it. Congratulations to Charly Caruso on this awesome accomplishment.