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Chavo Guerrero insults Scott Norton and gets quite a response

chavo guerrero scott norton

This one is pretty rough but it happened. When someone takes a walk down memory lane they don't often stray into negative territory, but when they do sometimes it goes over the line.

On November 3rd, a Twitter account devoted to pro wrestling action posted some shots from a Scott Norton vs Chavo Guerrero match from 1997. The Mexican Warrior felt the need to comment and he didn't hold anything back. Chavo said, "that guy really sucked! everybody hated working with him."

But on Christmas Day, Chavo Guerrero got a response when Norton replied, "Merry Christmas Chavo thanks for the info! Hope to see you soon my friend! #keyboardwarriors"

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Chavo has since deleted his initial tweet and has yet to respond to Scott Norton's reply of Christmas greetings. Thanks to achtungbaby8 for saving Chavo's tweet for us all to enjoy the awkward moment before he deleted some shade on Christmas Day.

chavo and norton twitter exchange

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