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Chavo Guerrero reacts to Sasha Banks singing Eddie Guerrero’s WWE theme song

If you’ve never seen Sasha Banks talk about her childhood heroes then you might not realize how big of a fan girl she is of Eddie Guerrero. But, the odds are you knew that already because she talks about it all the time. The Boss often credits Eddie as being her favorite pro wrestler growing up and it shows in the way she conducts herself in the ring.

Banks recently jumped on social media and uploaded a great video of her lip synching to Eddie Guerrero’s famous entrance song. You can tell by how well she knows the lyrics that she’s a huge fan.

Eddie is sadly no longer with us but his nephew Chavo is. Eddie and Chavo shared a theme song for awhile and when he saw Sasha’s ode to his Uncle Eddie he obviously loved it. He simply said: “I love it.” After all, how else would you react to Sasha Banks singing your theme song other than saying you love it? What’s not to love?

This is one of the cooler things we’ve seen in a while and have to admit that we love it too. As Sasha’s character continues to evolve on television who knows if she might adopt many of the tweener characteristics that made Eddie Guerrero such a fascinating figure in pro wrestling.

As Sasha carries on she will not only continue her fandom for pro wrestling’s legends but also maintain a close relationship with her roots. No matter what happens to her on Raw, she will always be that Eddie Guerrero¬†fan proudly singing his theme song.

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