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Chavo Guerrero says Kerwin White was going to wear a white sheet on WWE Raw but it was too racist for the TV network



Chavo Guerrero sat down with Chris Van Vliet this week to talk about his new podcast "Suplexes and Cervesas."

Guerrero also talked about what he is doing now as a fight coordinator in Hollywood, original plans for the Kerwin White character, his time in WCW, WWE and Impact Wrestling, thoughts on the last text sent to him by Chris Benoit, his uncle Eddie Guerrero, the meaning behind the phrase "Viva La Raza," why Lucha Underground ended and more.

Here's a couple of transcribed highlights from the interview. Scroll down to watch the full interview.

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Chavo Guerrero was asked what he thought about the Kerwin White character:Vince McMahon greeted me with, 'Well hello Kerwin.' I’m like, 'ok, what is this about.' Vince said, 'Today you are going to denounce your Hispanic heritage and you are going to become a white guy.' I had two options. I could say no and possibly go back on the back burner for a while or get fired, or you say alright, I will do it. At the time, the political climate was different. I had a meeting with Vince and said, 'if we are going to do this, let’s do it right.' I’m supposed to be a brown guy playing a white guy saying this is how you white guys are. They would say no. The Hispanics hated me because I was denouncing my Mexican heritage and the Whites because I was making fun of them, said this is not how we dress and I’m like, 'oh yes you do.' I’m saying if it’s not white, it’s not right. I had Caucasians saying that’s not how we are. I had everybody hate me. A true heel wants everybody to hate them. I told Vince at the end of the day, I want to come out in a white sheet. He said, 'Yes, I love it.' Of course, we never did that because it got too risque and a little too racist for a network. I grew up in the time where the more heat, the better. I wanted to fight my way back to the dressing room every night. I wanted to have to sneak out the back window. I wanted to be in the street with people yelling we hate you because that’s heat. I wanted people to look at me and say, I hate you. Kerwin White only lasted 6 months. I was Kerwin White until the day Eddie died. When Eddie died, we were in Minneapolis for a SuperShow. After Eddie passed, Vince, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels all came to me at Eddie’s hotel room. Vince asked what he should do? Should he cancel the show? I said, absolutely not. Eddie would have never wanted you to cancel the show. The show must go on. I can’t say I made the final decision, but they wanted my opinion on it.”

Chavo gave insights into why Chris Benoit texted him on the day of the murders: “I think he texted me after everything really happened and after everything went down. It is possible it was after the passing of his wife and son. He was texting me going, hey, this is how you can find me. I think he texted me probably right before he committed suicide.”

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