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Check out Finn Balor's gnarly bruise thanks to Baron Corbin



Finn Balor doesn't take it easy in the ring and neither does Baron Corbin. The current Constable of Raw is able to hold down two jobs at once on the Raw roster which is no easy task but when he gets in the ring it's all serious business.

Balor knows a thing or two about what being in the ring with Baron Corbin can do and now he has the bruise to prove it. The leader of Balor Club recently updated fans with a picture of his bruised backside and it's a pretty hard picture to look at.

This photo had to be blurred due to the bruise's placement on Balor's backside but you can still plainly see how brutal of a blemish it is. Needless to say, Balor might have some trouble sitting down for the next couple of days.

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This photo has gone viral at this point and the comments range from horrified to oddly aroused. You can check out the photo below to see what all the fuss is about. Hopefully, this won't keep Finn Balor from any in-ring action but judging by his work ethic it will probably only slow him down for a little while because he's dealt with bruises before and this probably won't be the last one he adds to his collection.