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Chelsea Green comments on WWE releases, what she knows about ROH tape library being for sale

Ring Of Honor

Ring Of Honor

On the latest "Green with Envy" podcast, Chelsea Green opened up about being catfished, the rumors about the latest WWE releases, ROH's hiatus, and she read some Mean Tweets from Mean People.

Here are some highlights:

Green talking about the recent WWE releases:

“I’m just going to keep it short and sweet. This past week, more amazing NXT and WWE talent were released. One of them was my girlfriend Kira, who is also going to be in my bridal party. Kira, also known as Taya Valkyrie or Franky Money in NXT, and is also John Morrison’s wife who is in WWE. She is so fu**ing talented. She’s been waiting for this opportunity to be signed by WWE for years. I’m not going to get into her personal story because that’s her story to tell, but I’m really bummed. I’m disappointed. I think they didn’t give her an opportunity to shine like she really could have. I don’t even know what to say. I just feel awful for the talent that keeps losing their jobs. It’s such a weird time. We’re not out of the pandemic. We’re still dealing with loss of jobs and things like that. It’s really unfortunate to continue to see this happening.”

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On Ring of Honor taking a break:

“We are still taping until I believe December 11th which is their last PPV, Final Battle. Hopefully, you will tune into the PPV, Final Battle on December 11th. It’s going to be awesome. Of course, it’s going to be awesome as always, but it’s going to be awesome because it is our last time seeing each other as a Ring of Honor family, and putting on a show for everybody. It’s going to be really sad, but I really think we have the best locker room ever, and everyone is going to come together as a team to put on the most amazing show for the fans. I am excited about that but also sad. It’s unfortunate for everybody at Ring of Honor who lost their jobs, however, I am very excited and anxious to see where they all go. I know I will see a lot of them at Impact and NWA, and we’ll probably see them at AEW too. We’ll see.”

Green clearing up exactly what part of the ROH tape library is for sale:

“I can tell you only what I do know. I know I found out the company was taking a break the same time you guys did and the same way you guys did through Twitter and through Social Media. Because I’m not contracted to Ring of Honor, I wasn’t involved in the phone calls and the zoom calls that took place to let contracted talent know that this was happening which I’m totally fine with. I was month to month with Ring of Honor, Impact, and NWA, and they all call me when they need me. I wasn’t expecting them to let me know this was happening at all. I don’t know what was said on those calls. What I do know is the wrestlers are out looking for new opportunities while also staying positive about the fact that Ring of Honor plans to come back in April, and they do truly plan to come back. I was speaking to some of the people in the office and that seems to be their legitimate plan to come back, most likely in a different way. I don’t know what that is, but I assume maybe live events or on a smaller scale, but that is just me making assumptions. I also know that I heard a lot of rumors being thrown around about Ring of Honor trying to sell their library. For those of you that don't know what that means, the library is all the previous footage that the company has, which is huge. A lot of Ring of Honor stars have gone on to do really big things in WWE and AEW. After further investigation, I found out they are not shopping out all of the Ring of Honor library. They are only trying to sell, I think, footage from 2005 on, or maybe 2009 on. See, now I’ve got my facts wrong. Either way, the real juicy part of the library would still be owned by Sinclair, who owns Ring of Honor.”

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