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Chelsea Green says it's frustrating to see aspects of her 'Hot Mess' character being used in WWE



This week on the JONAHDROME podcast, Chelsea green joined the show to chat about wrestling and the life of the Hot Mess. Here are some highlights:

Green talking the origins of her “Hot Mess” character and what she wanted to do with if she had the chance to in WWE:

“At first, it just happened. I say that because in the segment where I’m left at the altar, which is where The Hot Mess came from, I legitimately had 2 bottles of champagne. There was real champagne in there. The segment was like 30 minutes, and I drank a whole bottle, and then got another one and was still drinking it. I was absolutely drunk. By the time I got out of the ring, I had for real, drank a lot just from nerves and pretending to act. I got backstage and they asked me to do a promo. I was like, ‘Oh, c’mon. Why?’ They’re like, ‘Just do it. It’ll be quick.’

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When I sat down, Dutch Mantell was like, ‘Just sing to the camera and screw up your makeup.’ He kept making my makeup more and more screwed up, and he made me sing, ‘The sun will come out tomorrow’. Once that aired, I totally forgot about it because I was pretty drunk. Once it came out, the wrestling world was like, ‘Wait, what? A pretty girl not doing something not pretty? That’s unheard of.’ It snowballed from there. I can’t even say I was inspired from anything because it just kept going. This needed to know week to week what this character was going to be perceived like from fans or the wrestling world or anything. We played it, and every single time it aired, we looked to see what people liked and didn’t like. I would go to TV and people would give me different ideas for things they maybe saw someone do at a club, or their ex-girlfriend did to them, like hilarious scenarios that we just kept incorporating. Then really, once the character became what it was, and it was so hilarious and ridiculous, then I won the Impact Knockouts Championship, that’s when I started thinking, ‘Ok, wait a second. Now this is real. I’m holding something that is part of history. I need to make sure that I do this title justice.’ That’s when I started thinking about a split personality character or something along the lines of the movie, ‘Split.’

‘That is where once I got to WWE, that’s what I really wanted to do at WWE. I felt that character could really only come to life in a company that has money and the production quality to bring it to life. It’s still frustrating because I look around and I see aspects of it. I see little bits and pieces of, ‘That was it and you said you didn’t understand it. You’re making it. You’re building somebody else into that.’ Alexa as this crazy character is so beautiful and perfect. That is a bit of the Hot Mess. Dakota right now, having these weird moments and struggling with her inner dialogue on NXT, that is The Hot Mess. There are so many ways we could have made The Hot Mess work, and so many pitches I gave which have become a joke on the internet now. There were so many pitches I’ve given of different versions of The Hot Mess because at the end of the day, what I wanted WWE to realize, and they never realized, was The Hot Mess was not the bride with the lipstick and the eyes. The Hot Mess is this gritty, other side of that good looking, very plain, basic person into something that you could have never seen. I just feel like, again, why hire people for something just to take it away? It never made sense to me. I understand stripping someone back and starting fresh, but I do still think that it’s crazy to try to reinvent the wheel.”

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