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Chris Benoit banned from WWE 2K15, Lesnar in the UFC game, what Cesaro told Austin

Apparently you will be banned if you upload a Chris Benoit image to community creations for the WWE 2K15 game. One user asked why and got the following response from someone that works at 2K Sports.

EA Sports announced that Brock Lesnar is going to be added as a UFC Legend to the UFC game.

Steve Austin’s latest Unleashed podcast is up. Austin talks about being backstage at Monday’s Raw in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Steve talks about hanging out backstage and talking to different people in the company. He also goes into detail on why he didn’t press Vince McMahon more with the CM Punk questions, his challenge for Roman Reigns, and Austin gives some advice to the entire WWE locker room. There’s also an interesting tidbit from Cesaro. Cesaro told Austin that you cannot do classic heel moves in the ring. I guess that’s another weird WWE rule. You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the player below.


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