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Chris Hero: “I don’t think Vince McMahon cares to be in touch with today’s wrestling”

Chris Hero answered more questions about his career and on today’s wrestling scene on the latest “Can Chris Hero Save Wrestling?” podcast on

Here are some highlights:

Hero was asked if he believes there is a place for squash matches in today’s product:

“I think squash matches are still important. Not everybody needs squash matches but you definitely need some talent the audience may not be super familiar with and you give them a match, hopefully against somebody who has a little credibility.  If the person has no credibility, the squash match isn’t super effective.  You want to give the audience a taste of what this performer is like and what type of moves they do, how fast they are and how strong they are.  Also, from a production aspect, you want to see what this all looks like.  It’s not just moves and a finish, it is, how does he look on camera?  How are we able to capture this person’s personality in between the moves he’s doing?  So, I think squashes are very important.”

Hero was asked: “Do you feel Vince McMahon is out of touch with today’s wrestling scene?”

Hero answered: “I do not know Vince personally. I have met him a couple times, but, I’m speaking from my perception of what Vince is, so, I don’t have any inside knowledge. I don’t think Vince cares to be in touch with today’s wrestling. I think he has his mindset on what type of product he wants to put out and he’s doing his best to continually put that product out. When certain numbers aren’t met, he’s like, ‘Well, we have to change something. What do we have to change?’ He has a couple people that have his ear.  I’m sure he asks their opinion and their thoughts.  I can’t say he’s out of touch because he’s not trying to be in touch.  He doesn’t care what anybody else wants.  He wants what he wants.  Sometimes, at the behest of his performers and his producers, etc, but, it’s his game. It’s his ball. You do it the way he wants you to do it or you can find a job elsewhere.  One thought that I have on the matter, and it’s not as prevalent now with the weird situation we have with the audiences, but a thought that I had when we still had live audiences, is that Vince is watching his shows on a monitor with a headset. I don’t think the show ends and he’s going back to his hotel room or his jet or whatever he’s doing, and I don’t think he’s watching the show back. I think he has too many other things to do than to go and watch a show that he’s already watched. So, he’s in production meetings all day. He has an idea of what the show is supposed to be and he’s watching that monitor, not even considering the crowd because he’s looking for something specific to happen or not happen, and that is his connection with the product.”

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