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Chris Hero talks about his history with CM Punk, future in pro wrestling, NXT



Former WWE NXT Superstar Chris Hero recently appeared on The Kevin Gill Show to talk about various topics. During the interview, he was asked about his history with CM Punk. He said that their first match was good despite not knowing how to read crowds. He noted that they used tables and ladders that tore up the building up. The match he was talking about is featured in CM Punk’s DVD.

When asked about his time in NXT as Kassius Ohno, he stated that he was there for twenty-one months in total and had a lot of awesome moments, which helped shape who he is today.

There are reports that Hero is headed to WWE in 2017 and when asked about his future, he stated that he could rest on his laurels and have a greatest hits tour of the best of Chris Hero but that there’s no challenge in that as he wants to come up with new things and have the fans eating out of his hands.

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You can listen to the show here.