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Chris Jericho and Edge react to Tommaso Ciampa refusing to do their podcasts

It looks like Tommaso Ciampa is really not wanting to make any friends. Not only has he refused to let WWE shop print his Blackheart t-shirt design, but now it looks like he’s refusing to go on any pro wrestling podcasts too. He let this new stance on podcasting be known by firing shots at two of the IWC’s favorite pro wrestler hosted programs, Talk Is Jericho and E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness.

Ciampa said he has no interest in telling his story or helping them draw listeners. He added a little “strap your rocket to someone who needs it” line in there directed at Edge and Christian who consider themselves “rocket strappers” because so many people who appear on their show end up doing great things shortly after their appearance.

Chris Jericho replied saying that was fine by him because Y2J had no interest of having Tommaso on his show at all.

Edge said Tommaso needs to calm down or he might hurt his beard. Then he went on to say how well Johnny Gargano’s episode of E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness went but Ciampa wasn’t considered to have any kind of rocket strapped to him.

Therefore, it looks like neither show was really considering Tommaso Ciampa in the first place even before he said he wouldn’t be on their shows. So, problem solved I guess? Still, Ciampa seemed to be thoroughly amused by this as he was able to stir the pot once again.

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