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Chris Jericho avoided disaster before his suprise appearance at ALL IN

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Chris Jericho avoided disaster before his suprise appearance at ALL IN

The latest episode of “Talk Is Jericho” covers Chris Jericho’s surprise appearance at All In and everything that went into getting him on the show. It’s an interesting podcast for sure because of everything that went wrong and how they were able to piece things together at the last minute before he ran out to the ring to attack Kenny Omega.

Jericho said that Cody Rhodes reached out to him months ago and he turned him down because he was committed to not wrestling in the United States out of respect to WWE but his mindset changed around the time Rhodes called him again.

Jericho said that there was a pitch for him to be revealed as the person in the Burnard The Business Bear costume. Another pitch was for him to attack Kota Ibushi but Jericho was not on board with that idea because there was no future match planned with Ibushi but they ultimately agreed that he should attack Omega. Nick Jackson came up with the idea for Jericho wear Pentagon’s costume.

Jericho had his “partner-in-crime” Jack Slade with him on the trip to Chicago. Slade helped avert a disaster because although most fans were already at the Sears Centre for the show, there was a fan on the same flight and he was wearing a Bullet Club shirt. That fan took a photo of Jericho as they got off the plane but Slade was able to run and catch the fan and was able to find out that the fan had several pictures on his phone. Thankfully, the fan was a good sport and he deleted the pictures. Jericho was well aware that one picture getting posted online is all it would take for the surprise to be ruined before the show.

Jericho and Slade got to the airport at 5:30 pm local time and one of the guys from Atlas Security (from the old ECW days) picked them up and took them to the arena. Jericho wore a hoodie and was snuck into the Young Bucks locker room where he eventually met with Cody, The Bucks and Kenny Omega.

Things did not go so smoothly from this point. Pentagon brought a second costume as he was asked but it was silver and not the same gold color as the one he was wearing. So, Jericho asked Slade to go to a Home Depot to find a marker or spray paint. The problem was that it was raining hard with lightning but thankfully, Slade was able to get the spray paint and he was able to spray the costume so that it would match the colors of what Pentagon was wearing. Luckily for Jericho, the spray paint dried faster than expected so he was able to spray the entire costume.

Finally, it was time to go out to the ring. Unfortunately, Atlas Security took him out to the wrong side of the ring and Jericho actually walked right past Omega. Jericho said that only the fans at ringside would have noticed and even then they would probably have not realized it was him since it was dark.

Jericho said that most people in the back did not know and he called BS on Don Callis’ claiming that he knew Jericho would be there. Jericho said that he made sure that nobody outside of The Young Bucks and Rhodes knew that he would be there. After the run-in, he and Slade left and briefly said hello to people in the back but they had to leave the arena so they could get on a private jet. The jet had an issue with the brakes and he was told that there would be a delay. Thankfully, they were finally able to take off and make it to his gig in Kansas where he performed with the Pentagon face paint on.

I would definitely recommend this podcast. It’s a fun listen. You can click below to listen or subscribe via your favorite podcast app.

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