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Chris Jericho comments on if he thinks WWE is too restrictive with their Superstars



During his interview with What Culture, Chris Jericho talked about the WWE PG-Era and people thinking that WWE is too restrictive with their Superstars. Here is what he had to say:

“If you’re a good performer, you make it good no matter what the rules are. I don’t have to go out there and say, ‘son of a b—h’ and get color and dump outhouses full of s–t on Vince McMahon to get over.

“I don’t have to do that. And I think [Batista and Mick Foley] might feel that way, but I think they’re both great performers and they can make it work as well. Once again, your job as a performer is to take what you’re given and make it work and sometimes there are certain restrictions that you have and sometimes those restrictions aren’t there, but it really doesn’t matter. You still have to make it work. That’s your job.”

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You can watch the interview here: