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Chris Jericho comments on recent WWE talent releases

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

Although he’s no longer under contract with WWE, future WWE Hall of Famer Chris Jericho has given his take on the recent talent cuts done by the company.

Of course, WWE has publicly stated that the reason for the cuts is due to the company adjusting its budget. WWE is also doing cost-cutting measures aside from talent and staff releases.

The inaugural AEW World Heavyweight Champion did an interview with TV Insider where he spoke about the cuts. While he isn't sure who from the list of talent on the free-agent market is on the radar of AEW for now, he thinks everything will work out for the talent.

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“It’s an interesting time right now because a lot of guys got released. By proxy, you went from a business that was very profitable in many different levels to everything grinding to a halt. Hopefully, many of them will get picked up by different companies.

“Some guys may have to go overseas. I don’t know what AEW has planned. That’s not really my wheelhouse. But I’m sure everybody is going to land where they should land. It’s just how it goes.”

Jericho also talked about doing commentary on AEW Dynamite during the outbreak of the coronavirus and more. You can read the entire interview here.