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Chris Jericho compares his AEW role to that of The Undertaker in WWE

All Elite Wrestling/WWE

All Elite Wrestling/WWE

Chris Jericho has no deadline to retire as he continues to want to help bring a new promotion to the forefront in the way of All Elite Wrestling after he took a risk of leaving WWE for the start-up company. Since 2019, that has paid off for both sides.

Although Jericho knows he has more days behind them than in front of him, he still wants to help build new stars and compared his role in AEW to that of The Undertaker in WWE during a new interview with Pop Culture.

"Not that there's any comparison, but I think I'm kind of taking on like The Undertaker role in the WWE for his last few years there. Where every time he does something, it's impactful; it means something. He's a benefit to have in the locker room. He's a leader. He's very experienced. He can tell guys and girls what they're doing right and what they're doing wrong. It's just a good person to have around your roster."

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Jericho didn’t give a specific timeline in mind for when he will stop wrestling. However, when he does step away from in-ring action, he plans to continue to be with AEW. In this same interview, Jericho talked about his belief that AEW is the top pro wrestling company in the world.