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Chris Jericho confirms that he can’t be at WrestleMania 31, says some wrestlers today are afraid to give ideas

Chris Jericho is back for the second week on the Wrestling Observer website with Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez. Meltzer asked him about WrestleMania 31 and if he’s definitely not doing the show. Jericho said that he has a big European tour coming up with Fozzy so that’s why he doesn’t think he can do WrestleMania.

He said that there were plans for him to be at WrestleMania 30 last year. The plan was for Jericho vs. Daniel Bryan before they had plans set for Bryan, even before the early plan of Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus. Bray Wyatt was also pitched before they decided to match him up with John Cena. Jericho said that there wasn’t anything interesting for him at WrestleMania so he chose not to do the show. Jericho also talked about how the locker room has changed over the years and how Vince is still around but he doesn’t micromanage like he used to but he still has direct access to Vince. He said that some guys today are afraid they’ll lose their spot and afraid to give ideas. He talks about how Shawn Michaels and his wife Rebecca reacted backstage after Chris punched her.

He also talked about his book, behind the scenes at Dancing With The Stars, heat with Mario Lopez, what it was like going on the Ellen Show, how DDP Yoga helped him recover from a herniated disc, the old high school atmosphere in wrestling that used to exist years ago in the locker room, and tons more. It’s a really good interview. If you subscribe to the Wrestling Observer website then you can listen to it by clicking here.

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