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Chris Jericho explains why Big Show is his favorite tag team partner of all time

Chris Jericho interviewed his father Ted Irvine on a special episode of “Talk Is Jericho” this week.

Irvine talks about the first time Chris first told him that he wanted to become a wrestler, a road trip to Calgary to check out the Hart Brothers wrestling school, first impressions of Lance Storm, scary phone calls, Vince McMahon, seeing Chris wrestle at Madison Square Garden and much more.

Chris explained why The Big Show is his favorite tag team partner of all time: “Show is my favorite tag team partner of all time, by far. That was because I was tag team champions with Edge and Edge tore his Achilles tendon and he was going to be out for eight months. They didn’t want to strip me of the titles, so Vince wanted me to have another partner because we were going into a feud with DX. A lot of people wanted to put me with a young guy and I said, we can’t do this, DX will eat you alive unless I have somebody that’s a world champion level.

I suggested Kane and Vince suggested Big Show. I said, great, but no more comedy and he needs to get rid of the one-sided strap. I wanted him in tights.  He wanted a singlet. I said we are going to remember how big he is and he is going to be a giant with me. Vince said, ‘Absolutely.’ That’s where it started.  Every match we ever had, I won because of him. He would always knock the guy out. Then we got so close, we ended up being like an old married couple where I would have an idea and then he would come up with an idea. I would say, ‘yeah that’s good, but mine’s better.’ He would say, ‘Fine, I’ll just sit here and be a big stupid giant and won’t say a word.’ We had a great chemistry and a great friendship. He was an excellent partner for sure.”

The entire show is up now on every major podcast streaming app.

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